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"Simple... effective... strong!" 
Fraser Parker 

"I've just added Blind to my arsenal of techniques I use to devastate people with a borrowed deck. 
This is fresh!" 
Ran Pink  

Wherever you are magician/mentalist or amateur/professional  "Blind 2.0" will help you in your routines!  

 In this download you'll learn more than just a control:
 1-Top control 
 2-Bottom control 
3-Multiple card control 
5-Sandwich routine
 6-Card to pocket 
7- invisible card routine  

 "Abdullah has come up with a great utility move that is hard to believe that none else has come up with this before." 

"Fooled me! Not only is BLIND a powerful effect, but the method will open up the door to many other powerful effects!
Become better with BLIND!" 
Robert Smith

  "You'll love the secret behind this! It has so much potential for so many effects. I started using it the moment I saw it."
 Menny Lindenfeld  

 "This is a very versatile idea with many possibilities and really great applications. I think it looks fantastic" 

 "That's cool ! if it's really a borrowed deck, without gimmick, I have no fuckin' idea how it works !
 Congrats !"
 Julien Losa 

Blind by Abdullah is brilliant and oh so sneaky. I love it! » 
Matt Johnson

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